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Can brain aging and neurodegeneration be controlled by eating and diet?

By | October 21st, 2020

While I’m not super experienced or knowledgeable about the added factor of dietary behaviors, I am a huge believer in energetics, and the energetics of the cells in the brain are super important and definitely dictated by what we eat. I was super interested in the keto diet and how it applies to epilepsy, my other area of research. The keto diet has been super successful for kids with epilepsy, wherein you can control the seizures completely. The changes in the neurons that we’re seeing is a reprogramming of the system towards excitation. We call it an excitation to inhibition imbalance, so there’s more excitation, and we’re getting in those animals “seizure-like” events, and some consider Alzheimer’s as a periodical wave of silent seizures. And these are controlled by diet.

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