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Does treating depression decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s?

By | October 21st, 2020

Yes, this is why we encourage people to look out for their mental health and symptoms of depression as early as possible. Most of the research so far looking at how depression is linked to cognitive decline has been conducted in older adults, but our most recent research suggests that the symptoms of depression that start much earlier in the life course may affect the cognitive functions early in the life course as well. So looking at the population 50 and above is probably already too late to pick up this critical period when our cognitive functions decline and decline much faster in those in depression. If we can prevent depression, it’s great for our physical and cognitive health. If we cannot prevent depression, it’s important to start treatment and deal with the depression as early as possible, with the cognitive behavioral therapy, drug medications, etc. that can be good for long term physical and cognitive health.

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