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How can I become more accommodating and supportive of a family member with Alzheimer’s?

By | October 21st, 2020

Recognizing we can’t have what we used to have, we have to be willing to let go to some extent and these expectations cannot guide us. The hard part is recognizing that trying to duplicate what was before will result in this feeling that isn’t right and not enough. Sometimes with relationships, you have to look at the person with Alzheimer’s and their personality, like if they’re more sociable or more introverted and like to keep to themselves. Then, you need to help them find companionship with someone who provides this comfort, which might not be you, because ultimately with the most compatible companionship they will feel better. Service dogs and animals are also pretty effective because those animals become the partner, where they’re trained to stay with the owner, and if the person gets turned around or not in the right place, the dog can be tracked as well. Many people who don’t want to be with humans all the time live better when they have animals who are their support animal.

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