How do I manage guilt?

By | October 21st, 2020

Guilt interferes with the caregiver’s ability whether they’re close, near or far, to really better manage. Even caregivers who take care of their person 24/7 say things like “well I could have done a better job at this” or “I wish I had done that”. I think one of the things Dr. Boss talks about and some of your viewers might want to actually read her book, it’s called Loving Someone with Dementia: Finding Meaning and Hope. What Dr. Boss talks about is that guilt is optional, meaning we can choose whether we carry it along with us on this journey or not. She really talks about the idea that some of the things we have to do for ourselves are perceptual, we have to realize that we don’t have control over the progression of the disease, but we do have control over how we think about caregiving and how we think about ourselves.

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