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How do people know how to pick a product with curcumin and what product will have an impact?

By | October 21st, 2020

The company that sells curcumin is called Theravalues. It’s a brand of curcumin they make called Theracurmin. We disclose that in our papers. Since we published the paper, the company has asked me to help them in designing future studies, so I have that conflict of interest. We decided to use the brand Theracurmin because bioavailability studies that have been done on this were convincing; also, to convince ourselves, in our paper, we compared the Theracurmin to a GNC product and another product. We showed that indeed, Theracurmin seemed to be more available in the blood when people consume it, compared to some of the other products. If consumers are interested in it, they can just go online. This company actually sells it to other companies, so you just looked for Theracurmin in any of these products.

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