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Is a glass of red wine good for you?

By | October 21st, 2020

White wines are also made from the same red grapes; they’re just taken off the fermentation process a bit earlier, so they don’t pull out the pigments, but they still pull out a lot of the same chemicals. I’m not sure how much resveratrol is in white wine, but there’s a lot more in red wine. So they’re different in a lot of other factors. Reading the literature and some of the meta-reviews, where somebody has reviewed a lot of the reports, I’m pretty confident that taking low amounts—a glass of wine per day—as suggested by the MIND diet and other diets, is probably going to be good for you, if you’ve been doing it. That being said, if you’re not drinking anything, starting to drink any alcohol at all to reduce the risk of aging or development of disease, I think is not a good idea. Your body is not used to it. But if you’ve been doing that all your life or for many years, it’s probably fine. I think the recommended amount is one to two glasses per day. But it’s very conflicting; there are reports that even moderate drinking can have deleterious effects and this is a controversial area.

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