It’s hard to remember my significant other is undergoing a neurodegenerative disease when they’re physically fit and healthy-looking. How do I cope with this?

By | October 21st, 2020

Without the clear shrinkage that is occurring to the brain and happening internally, it’s hard because when you see someone who looks okay, you feel like they are mentally and physically ok. It’s normal, and recognizing this perception you may have is an important first step. Similarly, when someone doesn’t look like they should, it’s hard to see them as the person they once were. Especially when people lose their self-awareness and personal hygiene and become more dependent on you as a caregiver- seeing them this dependent is hard because it’s not who you remembered them as and it’s hard to fight this urge of wanting to fix them. Finding some time for yourself is critical; additionally, there’s a separate explanation of “living well with dementia” that may help you as well.

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