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What is the fasting mimicking diet?

By | October 21st, 2020

The fast mimicking diet (FMD) really is the result of decades of work looking at how we can improve longevity through nutrition and a low-calorie diet. By just doing something different everyday for a sum total of five days can change how the body is protected and the way our bodies regenerates. It is recommended every few months you try this. FMD is a way to trick your body into thinking it is only receiving water but instead eating reducing your caloric intake by 50%. We don’t recommend this diet for people who are older than 70. In order to be involved one can go to our company and purchase a prolon box which contains all the food one would consume in five days time. This box comes with a questionnaire which directs you to dietician which tells you what to be cautious with when partaking in this diet. You drink water and eat the food given to you in the box and that is totality of the diet. This food includes olives, walnuts, hazelnuts, kale chips, soups, etc. It’s a vegan diet but encompasses a wide variety of ingredients.

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