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Why are we told so much that stress will increase your risk of Alzheimer’s?

By | October 21st, 2020

I think it was the earlier beliefs that were later invalidated about how stress increases the amount of cells dying in your brain and in the hippocampus, and that this is the same population of cells that are vulnerable in neurodegenerative disorders, so you’re essentially killing more cells. But that was not found to be true. Rather, while the cells don’t die because of the stress hormones, those cells become more vulnerable to secondary hits. So when something else happens like concussions or seizures on a stress brain, then those cells are much more vulnerable and likely to die. It’s not that the stress kills them, but it exacerbates the extent of your risk. It doesn’t make you more likely to have Alzheimer’s, but if you have Alzheimer’s and a stressed brain, those cells are more likely to die because they’re weaker.

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