Teepa Snow

Teepa Snow is an occupational therapist and dementia care educator specializing in ways to improve quality of life while living with Alzheimer’s, both for caretakers and those with the disease.

Question Answered By Teepa Snow

"It’s hard to remember my significant other is undergoing a neurodegenerative disease when they’re physically fit and healthy-looking. How do I cope with this?"

"How can you foster a healthy caregiver relationship with the person with Alzheimer’s and dementia?"

"When you have a dementia diagnosis, how is your physical life/sex drive affected?"

"Do Alzheimer patients still feel emotions?"

"Why do dementia patients get anxious in car rides?"

"What should you not say to a person suffering from dementia?"

"How can I help give a dementia patient find some peace?"

"What can caregivers do for their health?"

"How do people react to an Alzheimer’s diagnosis?"

"How do family members/friends react to an Alzheimer’s diagnosis?"

"How should a possible patient be reacting to/coping with a diagnosis?"

"As a caregiver, how do you keep people with Alzheimer’s or dementia socially active?"

"How can I become more accommodating and supportive of a family member with Alzheimer’s?"

"How do we deal with disappearing friend syndrome?"

"How do you achieve self-empowerment as the person with the diagnosis?"

"How do you find activities for the person with dementia that fits their old interests without coming off as demeaning? How do you avoid talking to people with dementia as a child?"

"How can we differentiate behavioral changes and mood swings caused by dementia? And how do we cope with this as caregivers? How can we equip ourselves to reassure ourselves it’s the disease talking and not them?"

"Is it bad that I want a bit of space from someone who has Alzheimer’s? Can I take a break?"

"What does “living well with dementia” look like?"