Former New York Times Reporter on His Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

By Being Patient | May 7th, 2019

Phil Gutis, a former New York Times reporter and Alzheimer’s advocate learned he has early-onset Alzheimer’s at age 54 after enrolling in the Biogen trial several years ago.

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One thought on “Former New York Times Reporter on His Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

  1. Jean, my friend
    I miss you on TikTok.
    I’m hoping that you are taking care of yourself as well as your precious Kathy.
    I somehow keep sending you videos that I have no intention of sending and some I haven’t even watched, so please forgive them.
    I worry about your seizures, I worry about your kind heart . Of course I think of Kathy and hope that she is not suffering.
    Seems weird to miss someone I don’t really know, feels a bit crazy !!! NOT a stalker I promise 😂
    Warmest regards,

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