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Marketing Services

Let us help you grow your business.

At Being Patient, our mission is to create clarity around complex health issues and be a trusted, accurate source of information. We are editorially independent—providing unbiased, factual information without an agenda. Over the past year, our team has examined the research on Alzheimer’s and brain health, clearly explaining important developments in the field, separating fact from fiction and putting a spotlight on important, under-reported topics. We’ve kept our content freely available so that we can serve the greatest possible community.

We deliver custom marketing solutions designed with data and delivered with precise reach.

In order to fund the journalism that makes Being Patient possible, we provide white-label content services to organizations that align with our mission. We help them to grow and engage a global audience by producing authentic content and leveraging data. Packages include live expert interviews, content production and social media engagement strategy. For more information and proposals, please contact: christine@beingpatient.com.