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What Biogen’s Relaunch of Alzheimer’s Drug Aducanumab Means For The Search For A Cure

By Being Patient | December 14th, 2019

Last week, Biogen announced that its Alzheimer’s drug aducanumab was effective in combating Alzheimer’s disease after all, and that it would be reviving a trial cancelled earlier this year. However, questions still remain about what’s next for patients and doctors as the drug moves toward FDA approval.

Dr. Sharon Cohen, Medical Director and Principal Investigator at the Toronto Memory Program, shares her views on Biogen’s revived trial and the potential behind aducanumab.

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3 thoughts on “What Biogen’s Relaunch of Alzheimer’s Drug Aducanumab Means For The Search For A Cure

  1. I have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and am interested in any new findings that can help slow its development.

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