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Being Patient Video

Being Patient: Brain Talks is a series of live talks bringing you answers straight from experts in brain health, covering topics like genetics and dementia risk, nutrition and the brain, mental health and the last stages of brain disease. We take questions directly from our Brain Talks community, join the conversation here.

Being Patient: Brain Talks

The Effects of Chronic Stress on the Brain

Being Patient talks to Daniela Kaufer, from the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute and the University of California, Berkeley, about the effects of chronic stress on the brain.

0:00: When does stress help or harm the brain?
16:20: Your genes and stress
16:27: Does stress cause dementia?
16:32: Can we reverse aging?

Can Diet Prevent Alzheimer's: Exploring the MIND Diet

Being Patient talks to Dr. Martha Clare Morris, who developed the MIND diet, about how diet may help prevent Alzheimer's.

1:07: The MIND diet studies' methods and findings
4:45: The newest MIND diet trial and what researchers will know by 2021
21:23: Why wine is included in the MIND diet
35:50: Can dietary changes help someone who's already been diagnosed with Alzheimer's?

Alcohol and Alzheimer's: Does Alcohol Increase Your Alzheimer's Risk?

Being Patient talks to Dr. Douglas Feinstein, a research professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago and research biologist at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center, about alcohol and the brain.

5:23: What the latest research tells us about alcohol and brain
10:00: Is a glass of red wine really good for your brain?
21:27: What scientists are looking at next

Genetics and Alzheimer's: What the Latest Research Says

Being Patient talks to Dr. Nathaniel Chin, Director of Medical Services at the Wisconsin Alzheimer's Disease Research Center, about what the current research says about your genetics and Alzheimer's risk.

0:54: Genetics and dementia: what the latest research says
4:04: How the ApoE4 gene increases Alzheimer's risk
10:26: Who should get a genetic test of Alzheimer's
33:54: The genes that could protect against Alzheimer's

The Last Stage of Alzheimer's: What You Need to Know

We talk to Dr. Liz Sampson, an expert in end-life-care, and Jasja Kotterman, who lost her mother to Alzheimer's, about what to expect in the last stage of Alzheimer's and the best way to care for a loved one.

00:00 What happens to the brain at the end of Alzheimer's
12:36 The questions you should ask your doctor about the end stage of Alzheimer's
21:21 The symptoms of death in dementia: what carers need to know
26:45 How to approach end-of-life discussions
32:50 Preparing for the final stage of Alzheimer's

Caregiver Health: Stress, Grief and How to Cope

We talk to Lori Nisson, Director of Family and Community Services at the Banner Alzheimer's Institute about how to protect your mental health while caregiving, and deal with the grief of losing the person you love while they're still with you.

0:27: What is ambiguous loss?
9:24: Helping caregivers take care of their brain health
18:55 Start early: making a care plan for dementia
19:41: Breaking the promise to never put a loved one in a nursing home

Should I Get a Genetic Test for Alzheimer's?

We talk to Jamie Tyrone, who has two copies of the Apoe4 gene, putting her at greatly elevated risk of Alzheimer's disease. She tells us about how genetic testing changed her life and what you need to consider before you get tested.

0:00 How genetic testing changed Jamie's life
16:10 Making the decision: finding a genetic counsellor
23:20 How lifestyle and genetics may affect Alzheimer's risk
44:20 The top things to consider before getting a genetic test

When is Forgetfulness a Sign of Disease? The Difference Between Alzheimer's and Normal Aging

We talk to Dr. Bill Burke, M.D., Director of the Stead Family Memory Center at the Banner Alzheimer's Institute, on what you need to ask your doctor if you think you or a loved one has signs of cognitive decline.

0:57 What happens to the brain in normal aging
11:43 Getting a baseline cognitive test
27:08 M.C.I. and dementia: Is M.C.I. a red flag for dementia?
34:45 Why early assessment matters
40:42 How to participate in a clinical trial

Is the Ketogenic Diet Good for Your Brain?

We talk to Dr. Ed Blonz, biochemist and nutrition researcher at UCSF about how your brain could benefit from a diet rich in fat-based fuels called ketones.

4:18 Are ketones a better fuel source for the brain than glucose?
16:48 Why diet matters for dementia risk
22:15 Carbs, coconut oil and brain health: busting the myths
43:30 The best diet for someone with dementia
51:45 Concussions, ketones and dementia
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