2 thoughts on “How Marriage — and the Quality of Your Relationships — Can Prevent Dementia

  1. well helpfull i’ve been married 42 and we are lived separate lives all of our lives until this happened to me . are married people i love him now that this is happening to me and there is no tx why i don’t understand why

  2. I want to share a happy ending, and I hope a hopeful story, about the emotional side of this dementia on a marriage.

    This disease is so over whelming and all encompassing that we tend to focus mainly on the physical side of healing.

    And yet I have come to realize this…that my husband and I have been on on a parallel healing journey; he for his early cognitive decline and me for my Autoimmune Hashimotos’ adrenal fatigue and thyroid nodules..

    For many years when my husband memory was really bad (and I could not leave him alone for more than 15 minutes at a time) I was angry and frustrated and quite frankly, I could hardly stand to be around him 24/7. There were days that I honestly I did not think our marriage was going to make it.

    Now three years later and after reversing his cognitive decline through using Functional Medicine we now have our marriage and our relationship back. I have discovered, much to my surprise, that we are closer than we have ever been as a couple.

    While I have always been committed to him due to our marriage vows of “In sickness or in health” I honestly did not ever think i would see a time where we would regain the love and closeness we had when we were first falling in love….

    So please take this side of the disease into consideration if you are considering a more holistic approach to broke-brain issues. I cannot put a dollar value on the emotional side of healing. But for me this emotional reconnecting holds even a greater value than the mental healing side.

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