7 thoughts on “Where to Find Online Alzheimer’s Support Groups for Patients and Caregivers

  1. I am caregiver to my husband who has Alzheimer’s. I cannot attend support groups because my husband has anasognosia and hits the ceiling every time I make any reference to his symptoms. He shadows me so I cannot go anywhere without his wanting to join me. He was an accountant and still thinks he can be in charge of bills, etc. I have had to double and triple check our finances to assure that he has not gotten us into financial trouble. I just need to vent and get advice about this situation. My family lives far away. I am on my own.

    1. Hi, I can totally understand. My husband also wants to still be in charge of paying the bills. He has paid the late several times. Now I get the mail before he does and try to pay them before he has even noticed they are due.

  2. In addition to the above, several organizations conduct support groups via phone. It would be worth the time to check the Alzheimer’s association in your city, along with the Alzheimer’s Federation and Caring Kind if you are located in NYC,

    1. As a caregiver for my husband’s, I really have alot of questions and concerns for now and the latter.

  3. I am exhausted, tired and Ill myself, I love my mother but I am so frustrated by the lies and if I try to make sense of course it doesn’t work. It is the worst thing to ever happen to me. I am alone in this.i am also tired of seeing smiling faces on ads! What good am I? I will never,ever be the same,. I am almost giving up.this is too much. Too much. I know it could be worse,but that is others situations. Some one could help simply by going to lunch,taking the trash. I am sick of trying. And all the changes everyday there is a problem” i “ have to take care of, I am almost at the end of my rope.

  4. I hear you Ruth. I am in a similar place – I dread getting up in the morning. I feel angry and then guilty for losing my patience.
    I care for my husband in mid stage Alzheimer’s. He is unable to communicate effectively, follow directions, use the bathroom reliably etc. I feel at the end of my rope too.
    I have been advised to get help but for some reason I am dragging my feet. It is a very confusing time.

  5. Where are all of these online support groups I keep on hearing about?!?
    I don’t want to join a Facebook group. I want to be able to ask a group of peers, who I know, questions.

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