2022’s Most Viewed Being Patient LiveTalks

By Katy Koop | January 11th, 2023

Year in review: Here are 2022’s most watched videos from our LiveTalks with Alzheimer’s and dementia experts, advocates and families.

At Being Patient, we host regular LiveTalks with experts, advocates and people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia as a part of our mission to bring you trustworthy information that’s easy to understand. In 2022, we had some amazing discussions and we wanted to highlight some of the LiveTalks that resonated most with all of you.

Check out our upcoming LiveTalks, and find 2022’s most popular LiveTalks below:

Understanding Your Metabolism For Better Brain Health

Benjamin Bikman, professor of cell biology and physiology at Brigham Young University, spoke with Being Patient about the complex processes of our metabolism, and how metabolic health plays a role in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, specifically focusing on the importance of glucose for the brain. 

This was also Being Patient’s most popular LiveTalk of all time! 

Read the article here, or watch the full talk on video: 

Hormone Replacement Therapy, Brain Changes and Menopause 

Researchers Eef Hogervorst, Emma O’Donnell, and Rebecca Hardy at Loughborough University in Leicestershire, England shared insights with Being Patient on recent findings that the brain-protecting effects of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) leading up to menopause may be overstated. The researchers share what they know about the impact of menopause on memory and what symptoms HRT actually alleviates. 

Read the article here, or watch the full talk on video: 

Brain Resilience Through Fasting and a Healthy Lifestyle

Mark Mattson, a neuroscientist at Johns Hopkins University and author of The Intermittent Fasting Revolution: The Science of Optimizing Health and Enhancing Performance, spoke with Being Patient about the biological mechanisms that underpin the potential of this approach for boosting brain function and health at large. He also discusses the unknowns that remain about the impacts of intermittent fasting on brain health. 

Read the article here, or watch the full talk on video: 

Where’s Our Alzheimer’s Cure? An Inside Look at What’s Taking So Long

Karl Herrup, author of How Not to Study a Disease: The Story of Alzheimer’s, sat down with Being Patient to speak about how the field of Alzheimer’s went down the wrong path in the search for a cure, the consequences of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval of Aduhelm, and his vision for a new path in studying Alzheimer’s, aging and dementia. 

Read the article here, or watch the full talk on video:

A ‘Shark Tank’ Winner on Dementia Caregiving 

Tracey Wheeler Noonan, a writer and entrepreneur whose parents were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in their mid-70s, shares her experience with Being Patient on caring for both her mother, Judith Ann Wheeler, and late father, Edward James Wheeler. Hoping to offer people a sense of companionship through the TV script What The Family!, Noonan discusses her inspiration for co-writing the script about her family’s journey with dementia. 

Read the article here, or watch the full talk on video: 

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