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How can curcumin prevent Alzheimer’s or improve brain health in general?  

By | October 21st, 2020

One reason my thinking is going more and more toward the anti-inflammatory effect is, if you look at the different interventions that we’ve tested and others have tested, there seems to be this anti-inflammatory theme. About 10 years ago, we studied a similar population of a similar size—people with either normal aging or mild cognitive impairment—and it was also an 18-month study. We randomized them to an anti-inflammatory drug or placebo. We saw cognitive benefits and did brain scans. We did a different kind of brain scan, where we used PET to look at the functioning of the brain cells by how well they metabolize glucose, and we saw an effect on that as well. Then, we’ve done studies, and others have, looking at physical exercise, for example. That’s one of the most potent ways to protect your brain and exercise is an anti-inflammatory activity. I know if I have aches and pains and I workout at the gym, I don’t feel as much pain; I feel better. And I think it’s that anti-inflammatory effect.

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