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"Are there different genes associated with different types of dementia?"

Yes, there are. ApoE is specific to Alzheimer’s disease because of ApoE’s association with the amyloid protein. The amyloid protein is the one that is abnormal in the brain that more

answered by "Dr. Nathaniel Chin"

"What is normal aging?"

A vast majority of people maintain their cognitive functions as they get older. Some cognitive abilities tend to decline: some types of memory, attention, control of attention, etc. The normal more

answered by "Dr. William Burke"

"If there is evidence of plaques in your brain does that mean you will definitely get Alzheimer’s?"

We don't really know the answer to that question. If you have amyloid, you can consider yourself on the broad Alzheimer's spectrum. There are people that have amyloid in their more

answered by "Dr. William Burke"

"What are certain risk factors to look out for after a diagnosis of dementia?"

There are two major syndromes that if we don't manage them well when you have Alzheimer's disease, it increases your disability, even your Alzheimer's disease trajectory. The biggest one is more

answered by "Dr. Malaz Boustani"

"What does “living well with dementia” look like?"

Figure out your stress baseline: how stressed are you and how can we dial it back/what are coping strategies that work for you when it comes to stress, etc. Next, more

answered by "Teepa Snow"

"How do you achieve self-empowerment as the person with the diagnosis?"

First and foremost, be aware that some dementias are more apathy producing. Vascular dementia and sometimes frontotemporal dementia have characteristics of losing passion or interest in things, because chemicals and more

answered by "Teepa Snow"

"How can we differentiate behavioral changes and mood swings caused by dementia? And how do we cope with this as caregivers? How can we equip ourselves to reassure ourselves it’s the disease talking and not them?"

Firstly, part of the complexity is the disease, but part of it is our lack of preparation of the disease as well. Sometimes it’s as simple as a husband rejecting more

answered by "Teepa Snow"