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How do I find care services during COVID-19?

By | May 9th, 2021

I would recommend identifying reputable care agencies … If a caregiver is unable, for whatever reason, to provide care for a certain shift, you will always have someone that’s going to be able to fill that care role.

Many agencies are providing their caregivers with personal protective equipment, and many care agencies are educating their caregivers about the very important matter of hand washing and wearing PPE correctly. If you are looking to hire somebody to come into the home to provide care, you should ask about that. What sort of personal protective equipment is being provided? Will the caregiver have additional education about how to care for my loved one during the pandemic?

There’s always the financial consideration. Will there be an additional cost for any of these any of the personal protective equipment? 

I would also recommend engaging with an aging life care manager in your area, because they can point you in the right direction, help you to find an agency that is reputable and will provide the type of care that you’re looking for, guide you through the process of hiring, and oversee those caregivers that will be in the home.