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What is the best way for caregivers to stay in touch with their loved ones using technology?

By | October 21st, 2020

My message to caregivers is to demand that their mom or dad has access to technology. There’s no reason why anybody should not have the right to Skype with their grandkids, connect to their favorite music or be able to connect with their own spirituality. We’ve spent 20 years trying to make that whole process as easy as possible, both for the person themselves, but oftentimes for the caregiver, just through using simple icons and providing access to all kinds of content. It’s got nothing to do with age or dementia. We all have a thirst to be connected to things that are meaningful, and you have to strip through the layers of where people are cognitively to be able to get to it, but the cool thing is that once you have that connection, you can constantly get the person back there just by touching a couple of icons. What it took us a lot of years to figure out is that simplicity is much more important than coolness.

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