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What part of a home is potentially most dangerous for a loved one living with dementia?

By | May 9th, 2021

In a single family home environment, the most critical location from a life safety standpoint is the kitchen. Sometimes, folks suffering from dementia may leave a stove on for hours at a time. It can burn something. It can start to fill the house with smoke and start fires.

There are lots of things we can do to make kitchens safer. Appliances themselves are getting smarter. Some of them have smart technology that will sense that a stove has been left on and will turn itself off. There are other products like the Guardian fire suppression system model number 300b where you can put it into the cabinet above the microwave or the cabinet above the stove. That device will sit there and wait and can sense if there’s a grease fire or something like that from a stove being left on too long.

There’s [a product], although it’s not a fire suppression system, that can alert you or alert first responders. It’s called FireAvert. [The company has] models that can accommodate both electric and gas stoves.

There’s other things [to consider] like shelving. You can move things down so that the resident or your loved one is not so tempted to try to reach or climb up on a chair or counter.