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When is it time to move from home caregiving to a facility?

By | October 21st, 2020

I will tell you two things. One is that when caregivers are asking you that, for the most part, they should have done it six months ago. Caregivers are for the most part very dedicated and they don’t want to even think about [moving to a facility], so if they are thinking about it I know they probably should have been thinking about it six months ago. The second thing is things like triggers that we talked about earlier. We try to talk about this early in the disease, so like what’s your threshold? What things can’t you do? For some people incontinence is one of those, the other is if the person with dementia is not sleeping at night and they can’t figure out a way to get that person to sleep then that’s probably a trigger. I think falls are another trigger and I think the caregivers own emotional health and health needs are another.

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