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Why do the hallucinations or the strange behavior come out when the sun goes down?

By | October 21st, 2020

It’s still an area that we’re not sure about. But I think if elderly people are not stimulated, if the room is darker, they don’t see as well. They’re tired. Maybe they’re wearing down a little bit toward the end of the day It tends to bring out the worst in them, just like it tends to bring out the worst in little children around the end of the day if they’ve been tired and overstimulated.
A lot of elders are overstimulated to begin with if they have Alzheimer’s or Lewy Body. So it is a struggle for them to get to that late hour in the day when they’re trying to go to sleep, and sometimes, they don’t sleep very well either. So this really exacerbates that problem in the evening.

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