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How is diet related to longevity?

By | October 21st, 2020

But undoubtedly, it’s playing a huge role, though how much is very difficult to say. The human body is quite amazing to be able to deal with the Coca-Cola and Doritos. The food [the elderly] were eating was backyard garden-to-table, and oftentimes, backyard garden-to-mouth. I think it played a huge role in not only the physical health of the body, but also, in the community. You cooked with the family. Exchanging it with others, there was a communal aspect, whereas now, the social aspect of food is really starting to fall apart with food delivery options and all these things. Food is inevitably a culturally important topic, not only for physical health, but also mental, social, psychospiritual and emotional. It’s where we can connect with one another.

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