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Is it bad that I want a bit of space from someone who has Alzheimer’s? Can I take a break?

By | October 21st, 2020

Breaks are important, and it’s not bad to enjoy a bit of space when you can. Codependency always builds, and sometimes it’s not in the healthiest way. Especially if you can’t afford for someone else to care for them, you can start trying to build a community. We’ve got to start recognizing that we can’t all afford this; but rather, we can take turns. Sometimes, by building relationships with other people in similar situations like a support group, you can have situations like bowling nights where a group of people take the person to go bowling, and you as the caregiver can enjoy a break and some time alone. It allows for you to realize that you best thrive amongst people with similar situations and more empathy. The reality is that 24/7 is just impossible. Most people in married life work, and this idea of working, living, sleeping, and caring for each other all together does not really exist. There may be a shared space, but you should not complete tasks for each other. Dementia forces this relationship, and it’s unhealthy, so recognizing these high stress, little sleep, socially isolated situations, is important. This way, you can focus on your lifestyle, physical and mental health, diet, etc.

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