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What are the signs of CTE?

By | October 21st, 2020

This is off of the Mayo Clinic so anyone can get it, but essentially the first noticeable symptom was short term memory loss. Grant, my husband, was having a lot of short term memory loss. He was also having trouble focusing on anything. His vision was bothering him, and he would run out of energy and therefore needed to take a lot of naps. If you have a brain injury, you need to rest more and rest your brain. He was processing everything slower than ever before. He was always irritated, especially with me. He had anxiety- his heart palpitations were causing so many problems he was thinking he couldn’t breathe. Anxiety was a huge issue and he couldn’t talk about anything long term because it would give him anxiety. He did have problems with depression and he spent a lot of time trying to adjust medication for depression. Grant was also an alcoholic and when he was wobbling when he walked, I thought it was due to the alcohol. But now, I think a lot of that, like his gait being off, was because of the brain injury. He was having a lot of problems with balance and he had a lot of problems with sleep and people don’t understand that sleep and brain injuries go hand in hand.

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