Could improved sleep by itself can reduce the risk for Alzheimer’s disease?

By | October 21st, 2020

There is some causal evidence that would be the case. They’ve done a study where they’ve sleep deprived people and saw there’s an increase in beta-amyloid plaques when you are sleep deprived. That’s associated with Alzheimer’s.

In general, sleep cleans out damaged cells in your brain. There’s strong evidence that it has a neuroprotective mechanism against things like Alzheimer’s. We have grants with the National Institute on Aging. We’re trying to study a population of people who are 70 and up to show that we can do these interventions that makes them have a better quality of sleep, that they’ll improve their memory performance and in the long-term, reduce the likelihood that they’ll get Alzheimer’s. It would be amazing if we could show that.

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