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Being Patient: Brain Talks

Living Life Fully With Alzheimer’s: Geri and Jim Taylor Explain Their Philosophy

When Geri Taylor was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, she and her husband, Jim Taylor, decided to develop a philosophy to live life “fully and passionately.” As part of the Being Patient: Perspectives talks, Geri and Jim share how they’ve lived with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

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Brain Health

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Genetics and the Brain

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Being Patient Voices


Angela Hogarth

One of the things that I was never prepared for, besides my husband no longer recognizing me, was the loneliness.

Glen Davis

Glen Davis

I had thoughts of “Why me?”... I became a better carer once I made the leap to “Why not me?”


Geeta Iyer

In India, hiring help would be more affordable, but it would mean uprooting my life, selling my home and the not insignificant feat of relocating my father.


Michael Quayle

The question I get asked the most is, “how do you handle the fear that comes with a terminal illness?”


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