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Being Patient: Perspectives

A Rare Dementia Diagnosis at 29 Years Old

Katie Brandt, MM, the Director of Caregiver Support Services and Public Relations for the Massachusetts General Hospital Frontotemporal Disorders Unit, discusses how her late husband was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Degeneration (FTD) at the age of 29. Two weeks later, her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of 59. She covers the differences between FTD and Alzheimer’s, dealing with misdiagnoses, behavioral approaches to Alzheimer’s care, caregiver support and the impact of dementia on young families.

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Brain Health

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Genetics and the Brain

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Being Patient Voices

dementia caregiver

Robyn Soranson

During a scone-making class, she also had memories of when she used to bake. I feel joy in knowing she connected to her younger self through these activities.


Laura Smothers-Chu

His signs of MCI began three years before, when he could no longer balance his checkbook, or do our family’s taxes.


Remmya Liz Kaparampil

He wasn’t able to feed himself in the end, but he still continues to nourish the people of Kerala.


R. Lynn Barnett

I also learned how I could use humor during difficult situations. Caregivers should not take insults personally; sometimes, those with Alzheimer’s may insult the people who are closest to them.


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