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Being Patient: Perspectives

An Academic’s First-Person Perspective on Living With Dementia

What is it like to live with vascular dementia? Gerda Saunders is a former atomic energy research scientist and math teacher who now writes about living with dementia. From sharing insights on diagnosis to the difficult topic of planing for end of life, Gerda gives us an honest look at what it means to live with dementia..

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Genetics and the Brain

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Being Patient Voices

R. Lynn Barnett

I also learned how I could use humor during difficult situations. Caregivers should not take insults personally; sometimes, those with Alzheimer’s may insult the people who are closest to them.


Ian Hastings

I believe that changing my diet, exercising and making mental health a priority have helped me stay sharp.


Christine Thelker

He eventually admitted he was deliberately pushing my buttons, but said that no one would believe me anyway because of my dementia and if I told them the truth, it would make him look bad. For my own well-being, I decided that I couldn’t go forward with the relationship.


Ayana Sadler

As I watch my mother care for my grandmother, I keep her words in mind: “You are just as important as the person you care for.”


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