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Being Patient: Brain Talks

Could Being ‘Skinny Fat’ Harm Your Brain?

We know that obesity is linked to increased dementia risk—but what about being ‘skinny fat’? We talk to Dr. James Galvin, associate dean for clinical research at the Florida Atlantic University College of Medicine, about what he’s discovered in a recent study of over 300 people.

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Brain Health

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Genetics and the Brain

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Being Patient Voices

Constance L. Vincent

I was ready to fight back. And if I couldn’t completely protect her from eventual Alzheimer’s, I at least wanted her to be active and healthy, enjoying her present life, for as long as possible.


Danielle Dawson

One afternoon, I came home and found my parents having a physical altercation. My dad was holding my mom’s arm.


Kathryn Harrison

Not only did music help with my mom’s stress, but it also helped us stay connected to her and gave us a window into the Mom we knew.


Ralonda Thompson

My experiences at work and at home have taught me that because my mom can’t vocalize what she’s feeling or what may be hurting, I need to make sure that I do that for her.

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