How beneficial are dietary supplements for brain health?

By | October 21st, 2020

Clinical trials that have been done on supplements overall have been disappointing, with the exception of two randomized trials with individuals with Alzheimer’s that found that vitamin E actually had benefit for their daily function. Other trials have been poorly designed with more of a medical model and overlook the participants’ nutrition levels to begin with. Then they give their participants super high amounts, so this doesn’t always test whether the nutrient supplement could benefit people who are deficient or have marginal levels of that nutrient. The body expels excess nutrient levels- it really is designed for some intermediate level. So, I don’t believe the general public should be taking supplements unless you’re deficient in those nutrients. However, for just random use, you’re wasting your money and it’s not a regulated industry. I would avoid supplements unless you know you’re deficient in a nutrient.

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