How do you decide to put your loved one into a nursing home?

By | October 21st, 2020

This is an extremely hard decision to make. I visited 20-23 nursing homes to get a sense of what was available to me. They told me, if my wife were to have come earlier, it would have been easier for her to adapt to the nursing home and take more advantage of the resources presented to her. Although I was happy to take care of her for as long as I did – you have to ask yourself: is this the best setting for my loved one to be in? is this the best place for them to give and receive care? Consider a cognitive care unit, a nursing home or assisted living. This could be a better place for them to have more stimulus and support and their transition to later stages of their disease is made easier by the nurses and aides available to them. However, dementia isn’t a one-size-fits-all disease. It is all oriented around one particular person and the dynamics of the environment they are in.

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