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A Simple Scan Could Detect Dementia Before Symptoms Appear

By | June 28th, 2017

We’ve been told you can only confirm the presence of Alzheimer’s disease in a living person through something called a PET scan or a lumbar puncture test. Those tests detect the presence of a sticky substance in the brain called beta amyloid plaque but are extremely expensive and aren’t generally covered by insurers.

Now scientists at University of Toronto and Baycrest Rotman Research Institute have found a simple scan that can detect the earliest signs of dementia before symptoms occur. They scanned the part of the brain responsible for memory and found that having less tissue in the region is associated with greater risk of the dementia. This study looked at 40 adults between the ages of 59 -81.

Here’s where you can read more.

One thought on “A Simple Scan Could Detect Dementia Before Symptoms Appear

  1. My sister -in-laws cannot put faces and names together. The nerve endings no longer meet, short term memory loss. She is on namenda. and started out on aricept. She exercises every day,faithfully watched her weight! Was very heavy at one time. Taught Weight Watchers until Nov. 2018. She still drives to town for groceries.

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