Do Turmeric Supplements Work? Here’s What the Science Says

By Duane Mellor | November 27th, 2023

Should you take turmeric for brain health — and the myriad other uses they're marketed for? Dietician Duane Mellor, a senior teaching fellow at the UK's Aston Medical School, dives into the research behind health claims.

Turmeric has been used by humans for more than 4,000 years. As well as cooking and cosmetics, it’s been a staple of the traditional medicine practice of Ayurveda, used to treat a variety of conditions. Even today, turmeric remains a popular health supplement. There are plenty of articles and social media posts claiming the benefits of this spice for everything from brain function to reducing pain and inflammation. But while some of these claims are linked to evidence, most of this research is in cells and animals, making the actual effects on humans less clear. Here’s what we know.

What are curcuminoids?

While turmeric is reported to contain over 100 different compounds, most of its reported health benefits are linked to specific compounds called curcuminoids (the most abundant being curcumin). Curcuminoids are phenolic compounds, which are molecules that plants often make as pigments or to discourage animals eating them. This is what gives turmeric its distinctive colour, but it can also change how cells function.

Many of the potential health effects of turmeric have been linked to these phenolic compounds which, in the lab, have been shown to have an antioxidant effect.

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Antioxidants are substances which prevent or slow damage caused by free radicals – a harmful type of molecule that can cause inflammation, and has also been linked to heart disease and cancer.

But while turmeric does indeed act as an anti-inflammatory, many of the health benefits caused by this effect have only been proven in the lab (using cells) or in animals.

For example, one study fed obese mice one gram of curcumin per kilogram of body weight. After 12 weeks, they found that the mice given curcumin had similar improvements in brain function and lower levels of inflammation in their liver as the mice who had been on a weight loss diet.

So while this may have translated to healthier mice, it’s unclear whether the same would be true in humans. Not to mention that had this study been conducted in humans, an average 70kg person would have needed to consume over 2 kilograms of turmeric daily during the trial – which would be impossible.

Since no similar studies have yet been conducted on humans, we still don’t understand whether turmeric reduces inflammation in a similar way.

Effects on pain

Yet despite the lack of research showing benefits in humans, turmeric (and curcumin) are widely marketed as anti-inflammatory supplements for a range of conditions – including joint pain and arthritis. According to the results of one review, it does seem that in human trials turmeric in pill form may have a modest benefit on pain compared to a placebo – and in some cases as as beneficial as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Turmeric supplements are often marketed for everything from heart health, to depression, to regulating blood sugar, to skin and eye health. Yet, studies haven’t proven the effectiveness of supplements and further, consuming too much turmeric has its own health risks.

But the studies included in this review appear to be of variable quality. Many were conducted using a very small population (ten people or fewer) and had a wide variation in the amount of turmeric participants were given. This means it’s hard to make a clear recommendation that turmeric is effective for pain.

Turmeric has also been suggested to have anti-cancer properties due to its anti-oxidant effect. In the lab, curcumin has been shown to reverse DNA changes in cells which cause breast cancer. But it’s less clear whether turmeric reduces the risk of cancer or supports treatment in humans. Some research has shown that using a turmeric gargle could reduce the side effects of radiotherapy in people with head and neck cancers, however.

It may also help people with a rare genetic condition called familiar adenomatous polyposis, with one clinical trial finding that consuming 120mg curcumin (about the same as a teaspoon of turmeric) was linked with fewer cancer-causing polyps for people with this condition – which can be a sign of the early stages of cancer.

With inflammation being linked to many cognitive health conditions such as dementia, some research has sought to understand whether turmeric can benefit brain function. So far, it’s unclear whether turmeric has any effect.

The trials that have been conducted in humans have generally been very small, with a lack of consistency in study design, dosage and how they measured cognitive effects. Again, this makes it difficult to see whether turmeric really does have an effect, or whether any cognitive improvements are due to other factors.

Does turmeric really work?

A major challenge in getting turmeric to work in our bodies is getting it from our gut into our bloodstream. Curcumin is quite a large compound – and as such can be hard for the body to absorb into the bloodstream because it isn’t very soluble in water.

But other research suggests that turmeric works by acting on the bacteria in our guts. Although more data is needed on whether this is true in humans, it could suggest that turmeric doesn’t need to be absorbed into the bloodstream in order to provide health benefits because it’s already absorbed through our gut.

Another challenge is the amount of turmeric needed to see benefits. In many studies only the curcumin extract is used – which makes up only about 3 to 5 percent of turmeric powder itself. With many studies giving greater than 1 gram of curcumin per kilogram for a mouse or rat, the equivalent amount for these effects to be seen in a human would be difficult to achieve – even in supplement form.

Turmeric is a great spice, giving a pleasant earthy flavor and vibrant natural yellow color to food. But it’s far from clear how its reported benefits translate to human health. So, enjoy turmeric as a spice and a color in food, but don’t rely on it to deliver major benefits or to treat or cure disease.The Conversation

This article by Aston University Evidence-Based Medicine and Nutrition lead Duane Mellor Aston Medical School  is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. 

Quick answers to top Being Patient reader FAQs:

Is it safe to take turmeric pills daily?

The right dosage depends on a person’s overall health — and more isn’t always better, experts say, so it’s best to consult with your physician if you’re thinking about taking turmeric regularly and get their view.

Who should not take turmeric / curcumin?

Normal dietary consumption of turmeric during the course of a meal here and there won’t cause any issues, experts advise, and turmeric does have nutritional value when consumed as part of a balanced diet. But for those who plan to start popping a turmeric capsule a day, be advised:
According to the British Heart Foundation, there is a risk that turmeric in high doses may have a blood-thinning effect. For patients with vascular issues who are already being prescribed anticoagulants for blood clots, turmeric capsules could increase the risk of a dangerous health event.
The British Heart Foundation also advises that people who have liver issues should avoid turmeric capsules, as one of their effects is stimulating the gall bladder to increase bile flow, and that can lead to negative outcomes for people with liver problems. 

Are there any negatives or dangers?

Getting a bit of turmeric with your everyday diet won’t have side effects. But, there could be mild drawbacks from regular usage, especially at higher dosages. These might include:

  • stomach upset and nausea
  • dizziness
  • diarrhea

The higher your dosage, the more likely you are to experience side effects. Stop taking turmeric if you’re having any of these issues. It’s best to connect with your doctor if the side effects are serious or lasting.

UPDATED: August 17, 2023, 6:59 P.M. ET: This article was updated with frequently asked questions and quick answers for our community.

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93 thoughts on “Do Turmeric Supplements Work? Here’s What the Science Says

  1. I would volunteer to be in a clinical trial for Tumeric due to my medical history over the last 20 years. Having fought metastasized cancer and taking every chemo drug available, I would welcome an opportunity to see if Tumeric could help my debilitating pain and suffering. Even if it doesn’t help me, just MAYBE by me being in a study would help or keep others from going through what I have and that would be worth it all.

    1. I love juicing been doing it for many years. I have been fighting breast Cancer Since Jan. 2020. I can give you some juicing tips. I use Turmeric, Ginger, lemon, a whole Pineapple including the middle, celery, and organic honey. I juice it then store it in a sealed container in the frig. for the week. I drink half a cup in the morning. Goodluck I wish you well.

      1. Hi Marion, I’m in the same road since 2021. Turmeric is being my companion in a variety of juices mixtures, including starfruit..
        I would like to know how are you doing today


      1. Of course they’re going to say Turmeric is better for a spice than it is for a health supplement, because then you’re forces to take their garbage that big pharma pushes onto everyone. Coming from my little sister that works in a pain management clinic, she said they started selling turmeric supplements and the feedback from many of the patients was phenomenal. People were praising how well they were feeling with the pain going down. So yes, in order to see the benefit of turmeric you have to take ot along with cinnamon or pepper. This is what helps your body to absorb the turmeric and actually reap the benefits. I made my own pills using pepper and turmeric and my pain and inflammation dramatically reduced in my knee and other joints. Now I can’t attest to the cancer part of it, but I can tell you for inflammation it helps tremendously!

        1. Same here i was dragging my right leg because of the pain in my knee a friend said i should take curcumin with biopeperine 3 months later I was jogging and never felt the pain in 4 years and still taking 1 pill per day

      1. I’ve found that turmeric gummies have greatly reduced my exercise related soreness, which I’ve felt more in my 40s. I’ve tried powder and pills with no effects, but the gummies actually gave me results.

      2. Just a little advice. This us a supplement just like alot of the others out there, it will lower some inflammation, but will not help debilitating pain. You need to probably see a Dr or a even one online even.

      1. Really I took before never bother me but I started again hear lately I been dizzy but I not taking it every day I forget but I having headache too .

    2. Your a good human! Being willing to help others, even if it only benefits you by sharing findings. I hope someone doing a study reaches out to you.

    3. I started on turmeric after all over the counter and opioid medications failed to help my pain. It took 6 months to start working but it changed my life completely. I don’t need results of studies on rats or humans, all I need is my own personal results and wow, it was life-changing and still is. On a couple of occasions I ran out and went a bit of time before starting back up and the pain came back immediately so it is the turmeric and articles like this unfortunately discourage people away from trying over the counter natural supplements and instead sends them off to pharmaceutical companies. Sad.

  2. I’d Like Tumeric for my Knee Cartilage Damage & Pain relief for my Whole Body.Riddled with Aches & Pain.

    1. I’m sorry to say but I really have bad solr issues with my foot, let me tell you I’ve been taking turmeric and it literally alleviates it and I noticed a difference in my cognitive too so I really dedicate a better understanding because it works on me and I have bad pain in my foot and ever since I tried it it worked instantly without turmeric I will not be walking but limping instead

      1. I’m a firm believer in trying to eat & drink as much fruits, vegetables as possible; and that many herbs and other plants do contain incredible amounts & kinds of helpful elements for human & animal health !

      2. I was just thinking about starting back on Tumeric Curcumin. Seems that I don’t really see or feel any difference until after I’ve stopped taking it. I did notice quite a difference in cognitive, memory, alertness and inflammation. Years ago (1.5-2) when I was already taking Tumeric Curcumin my memory became noticeably better and I didn’t know why, after I stopped taking it my memory started to slip, brain got foggy and I didn’t feel very well. I started back on the Tumeric and after a few weeks I’m noticing a big improvement with both mental and physical.

      3. It works on me too I have neuropathy that I get after taking chemotherapy I tried turmeric curcumin that my sister in law recommended thank God now I’m walking every morning in the neighborhood instead of limping. Lemon vicks too is good for my pain in my feet.

    2. 1 gram turmeric per kilogram bodyweight in mice translates to 70 grams turmeric per 70 kilogram weight in human, not 2 kilos of turmeric.

    3. I read an article about 5 or 6 yrs ago that said Tumeric along with magnesium worked for migraine headaches. I tried it and I have been using it religiously since. I no longer have migraines not even those that were triggered by certain foods. I eat those now also.

  3. I have used Turmeric for a year . It seems for me it works for inflammation. I recently I started to get gout had within about a a day it was gone. So I’m not going to say either way but for me I take it . It won’t hurt me so I’m just fine with it. Thanks Bernadette ♥️

    1. Watch a video by Dr. Lee Merritt on Rumble called, “Protocol: the new parasite paradigm.”
      This by a doctor that has found out that parasites cause cancer and MS among other things.
      It’s a real good video.

  4. It’s works for me just a little everyday. In smoothies, or hot tea or coffee. In just a short time the arthritis pain is gone. Fresh juiced with other vegetables and fruits it works .. juicing carrots,orange, ginger and turmeric.deliciouis and healthy

    1. Hi, may I ask how much you take? My knees are bone on bone and my joints get swollen often. Thank you!

      1. Missy, I have bone on bone in my left knee and a lot of arthritis in my right ankle. My hands as well have ached for 30 years. I tried turmeric for a while with no luck till a friend turned me on to Qunol, after 5 days my knee is pain free and my ankle is pretty good, I can also snap my fingers which I have not been able for decades. I take two capsules a day totalling 2,000 MG. It’s the best for me. I am 68 years old and walk 5 miles every day.

      2. I take 1000 mg that has black pepper in it and helps with my hands and knees

  5. Didn’t know turmeric had so many benefits. Many Indian curries and other dishes use turmeric. My regular meals consist of food made with turmeric.

    1. Ive been using turmeric for quite some times and other supplements for my lead intoxication but im not sure if turmeric has helped me. I dont know if lead causes inflammation, the only thing I know is that it makes u act weird and gives u behavior problems among other things. The dentists of the 70’s were not very responsable.

  6. I have used tumeric for about five years. I can say it stopped the pain in my knees. I eat fresh tumeric in the morning and before bed. Will use the rest of my life. I grow my own tumeric and ginger.

  7. Tumeric is a great vitamin w many metabolic values..wonderful so your account of it is false…

    1. I have disengaged veterbra in my lower back, also have very painful knees. I take turmeric in the morning and at night. I have been doing this for 7 years. I stopped to conduct my own survey. I can guarantee I will not stop again. My joints are pain free and I enjoy that. For those who don’t believe I feel sorry for your suffering. When you find something that works it would be very hard to discourage someone from enjoying the relief.

      1. Hi I have Two herniated discs plus sciatica down my left leg.was on 8 painkillers and six opioids.Still in super pain.6 months ago
        Tumeric powder with black pepper and some vitamins.were given to me and within a month I swapped out the painkillers for the turmeric one with meals 3 per day
        Now walking 4 miles a day and swimming 5 days a week Tumeric is the 66 years old and still cookin.Rob from Dublin Ireland

  8. I don’t understand how you can say it’s far from clear that turmeric actually works. It’s pretty obvious that it’s been used for millennia by various eastern societies, and has continued their patronage.

    Given the fact that you’ve clearly presented some evidence of it’s efficacy, I’d say that there is a little but more research needed, but it looks promising.

    I myself can give some anecdotal information. If I have a cut, applying turmeric not only disinfects the wound, it also acts as a coagulant to ensure the wound seals properly. It also prevents infection, and promotes healing. If I have a heavy night of drinking, I just need to take a teaspoon of turmeric before sleeping and the next morning grogginess is very much reduced, and wears off much quicker. Just saying, please have a more optimistic outlook on the spice!

    1. My thoughts exactly. As I read the article I was perplexed at how the science cannot prove the benefits of tumeric when it has been used as a varying remedy for hundreds of years!

  9. Turmeric helped reduce my hand inflammation significantly. No xray or magnifying glass needed to see the difference👍.
    Had been using nsaids prior to starting turmeric, but the pain relief was temporary and barely reduced the inflammation with the short term action.

  10. I have found turmeric to help with my pain…I have arthritis, heart fisease,diabetes, fibromyalgia and many more health issues… I unfortunately can’t afford to buy it right now.. It was what I relieving for pain because of my heart failure It is all Mt heart Dr allows me to take

    1. Try golden paste. It’s much more cost effective. You can buy the powder in bulk for less than 20 dollars online I use Anthony brand 2lb for $14. The recipe on “turmeric life” is the best I’ve found. Easy to make. I take 2 tsps a day just as is. Helps my fibromyalgia pain considerably. Good luck 🍀 1/2 cup of turmeric powder… 1-2 cups of water… 1/4 cup of unrefined coconut oil… 1-2 tsp of FRESHLY grated black pepper. Cook the turmeric and water at a simmer for 10 minutes. Cool and add in coconut oil and black pepper. Keep in fridge up to two weeks. Freeze excess you can’t use in that time. I add in Ceylon cinnamon and ginger for taste.

    2. I hope I pass your “comment policy.” I noticed a disturbing admission in your article. I’m 100 percent against animal exploitation. What is the point of doing experiments on animals? You admitted it does not cross over to humans. There are plenty of people willing to volunteer to be a guinea pig for a host of reasons. Stop with the cruel and outdated experiments on animals. Experiment on human animal’s.

  11. My Husband has recently being diagnosed with NHL non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma n undergoing immunotherapy every 2 months. Pls advise if turmeric would help to control NHL

  12. Being an arthritis patient since my 21 and after taking NSAIDs for 40 years, I discovered the anti-inflammatory and pain releaving effects of daily doses of turmeric. Combined daily fresh fruits (vitamins C), it allows me to stay off NSAIDs and lead a normal painless life.

  13. I have been on tumeric capsules for years and recently found out you can’t take them when on blood thinners I was gutted as they definitely worked on my joints now my joints ache as I am no longer take them such a shame as they do work

  14. I would love to volunteer for the study. My hole body suffers with so much pain I can’t move around much. My body is riddle with pain from my nerves. Some have been disconnected from each other. Surgery was a failure and I have been in so much pain from it that I tear up and cry. Nothing we have tried is just another set back one after another.

    1. Terry. My son’s entire body is riddled with horrible pain for over 15 years and has dozen of speciality doctors. None of great doctors have been able to diagnose or treat his pain. He cannot tolerate hugs. Sleeping with every part of his can barely tolerate touch. So many speciality doctors have tried to solve s this mysterious disease.
      I am so sorry your body is riddled in pain. I have a cousin with these same symptoms and she is also trying to find a doctor who knows what this disease is and how to cure it.

      1. You should watch the show on Netflix… It’s called “Take Care of Maya… She has exactly what it sounds like your son may have. Its normally in girls btw age 10-13 I believe… But boys can get it too. It’s a pain disorder called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. The show explains it all. Their parents were actually charged and the little girl was taken by Dpmt of child services…. And no one believed them and they had to drive all over the country to find out what was wrong with her. You really really should watch the show and see if your son has the same symptoms. Also I’m a nurse and have seen a LOT. but that’s not a common illness and most doctors have never known about and cannot help them if they don’t know for sure. The treatment saved the little girls life but it’s a very sad story just to warn you … I just will be praying for him and you and your entire family and hope you find answers and get through this!

    2. Forego studies and just start taking turmeric.
      I take organic India brand every day for arthritis. It is a wonder working supplement.

    3. Obviously if something as good as Tutmeric is fixing the root of problem never will be approved by FDA, or will
      be recognized.

  15. I have been suffering from Berger’s disease for many years, and it is a genetic disease that causes narrowing of the arteries and capillaries of the blood vessels in the lower extremities and causes severe infections, which may lead to amputation of the feet or
    Berger’s disease with smoking causes frequent and severe infections in the extremities
    I have been taking fresh turmeric powder with black pepper for several years and it has resulted in a significant reduction in inflammation.

  16. There’s math missing here. Certainly the diet recommendation standards call for 2 good strongish curries a week, and faking it with a concentrate tablet might do the equivalent (give or take a couple ginger, cumin, coriander, and peppers tablets.) Maybe Kansas (reported as winning in most obese people per 10,000) could take a page from postwar Japan and have big cylinders full of spice staples you can draw from (without waiting for a tornado 🌪️ to break the glass) at eateries. Or just the deliveroo?

    1. That sounds wonderful I hope it helps you I am certainly going to try it myself I have a lot of joint pain because of rheumatoid arthritis I also have nerve damage on my feet and maybe it’ll help that also no harm in trying right good luck everybody

  17. I would like to be a human test subject on some of your natural stuff
    I find turmeric has help me in many ways.

    1. I have COPD. I started taking turmeric for achy hands. Within a week I was no longer using any oxygen and able to stay active longer Than I had in years. About 6 weeks later I had my crooked esophagus stretched and was quickly back on oxygen 75% of the time and continued thru the summer. Not exactly sure what happened, but wish I had not had procedure. Prior to that I had been on backlafin ( muscle relaxer) and same thing happened, did not need oxygen for weeks then boom, oxygen again.

  18. Why is there no mention of adding black pepper extract (piperine) to increase the bioavailability of Curcuminoids?

    1. Because the big pharma, and Drs etc make too much money on us to keep going to the Drs, So therefore they’re not going to be forthcoming on something like a vitamin over the counter to make us better.

  19. You just showed tumeric was as beneficial as losing weight. That’s huge considering how difficult it is to lose weight.

    1. i love turmeric taking capsules formed.. for quiet such a long period of time since 2014 until now.. my whole family loves it and i found we are healthy in God’s grace…👍😘❤️..

  20. Wonderful and illustrative article deep to the core. Very Frank and simple .love to know a lot about herbals

  21. Just an anecdote, but when I cared for my bedbound, Alzheimer’s-afflicted mother after she broke her hip, she experienced a lot of neck pain which her doctor diagnosed as inflammation, prescribing acetaminophen. After giving her those pills for a week or two with no apparent improvement in her pain, I decided to try adding a turmeric supplement (I don’t remember if this was suggested by her doctor or I just took a chance at the drug store). She stopped complaining of pain within just a couple days, as I recall. It seemed like a miracle supplement.

    Perhaps her mental state makes this an unreliable testimony, but it seems simple enough that I believe it. I’ve taken turmeric for myself daily since then, although I don’t know if it helps me at all as a 40-year-old man. But I have no persistent aches, for what it’s worth.

    1. My orthopedic surgeon recommended 1500 -2000 MG of turmeric with the black pepper in it after I had to have my right knee replaced. This was to help with pain in my left knee and my fingers. I have been taking it since 2016 and Mt pain is gone.

  22. I would to be considered for a turmeric trial. I arthritis and hyst gad the upper third of my lung removed due to stage 1 cancer.

  23. Just to check the math but if a 70kg person has 1g per kg of weight they would be at 70g or about 2.5oz… Not sure of that is also too much but much less than 2kg

  24. We have in Switzerland a Vitacurcuma it is mix with Micelle that make it soluble in water so that it can be absorved in the gut in just 5 minutes, so it is not nessesary to take the real high doses that the article of clinical trials in cells and mice that have not been made in humans.

  25. Hi, may I ask how much you take? My knees are bone on bone and my joints get swollen often. Thank you!

  26. I’ve used Turmeric 1 GM 2x a day for a bad gout. After weeks with alkaline water, the terrible pain was gone. Thank God!
    Gout has not bothered me since & im
    On regular turmeric & ginger teas!

  27. I’d like more info on what other health conditions tumeric would work against. Like kidney or liver function.

  28. I used turmeric for neurological pain associated with chronic Lyme disease. Works great and no side effects for me either!

  29. I use it for multiple reasons. I have 2 types arthritis and chronic constipation along with occasional brain fog and over weight. I notice a difference when I don’t take it for 3 days. I get worse. When I do take it I am better. I also take other supplements along with it that help with what I have.

  30. Five times over the last two years I’ve started taking turmeric. Within two weeks, each time, my memory was crystal clear. I was amazed. However, some pre existing conditions can be exacerbated on turmeric and one study recommended not taking it unless a doctor suggests it. I have weak knees and shoulders from sports. They’re fine for everyday normal use but all 5 times, within the same 2 weeks, my joints were giving out. And after ceasing turmeric each time, again within two weeks, they were back to “normal”.

  31. IF you are interested in taking turmeric I would suggest that you start out gradually. Take the smallest amount available. If you notice that it’s working, then gradually increase your dosage. However, as with anything check with your GP, and your pharmacist for advice. IF you are on , blood thinners, be extra cautious because turmeric could increase your blood to become too thin. IF you are on other medications taking turmeric might raise havoc with their effectiveness. This is why it’s necessary to check with your pharmacist. Any type of herb, will decrease the absorption of your medications. So please do your own research. Talk to those who are trained professionals. We don’t need to hear that you’ve suddenly bleed-out, and died.

  32. My knees were bone on bone. I started taking tumeric….six weeks later my knees were like new. Dr’s will only give you drugs. They will never recommend supplements. You have to take matters into your own hands. Tumeric helped heal my osteoarthritis. No pain at all. I know this sounds far fetched but it’s true.

  33. Thank you for the opportunity to comment on my personal experience with Turmeric. I have taken a Turmeric supplement (2250mg Curcumin complex, 1750mg Turmeric root, 500mg Turmeric extract standardized to 95% curcuminoids, 105mg ginger, 15mg piperine) religiously FOR YEARS, and I can say honestly that it has had no discernable effects AT ALL. I am subscribed to a plan that auto-ships it, and I’ve never taken the time to cancel it. I am 68 yrs old, in relatively good health, physically active, but with some aches and pains that led me to start the Turmeric regimen. It has changed nothing; not even a little bit. I’ve named no brands or manufacturers, so I’m not lashing out at any particular company, just expressing my real life experience. Thank you for this eye opening article. It explains a lot and is very enlightening.

  34. Here’s what “the science says”? I didn’t see anything from Anthony Fauci. Didn’t he claim to be “the science”? If this article is denying that Fauci is the science, the author must be a science denier. Sarcasm to make a point.

  35. You can find bitter melon in Indian store and Asian store.
    Bitter melon is also good for diabetes. It lower the blood sugar.

  36. I have been taking turmeric for years. I cannot do NSAIDs and I can only take acetaminophen for so long. It has helped me with pain from lupus and Arthritis. Also I find it odd nothing is mentioned on it being an antiviral. It has kept me healthy even when in the middle of flu season and massive exposure from all kinds of viral illnesses spread thru contact from my job.

  37. I take 300mg of Turmeric for stiffness in my knees,due to arthritis.I also have arthritis pain in my hands and fingers, and my Achilles heel area in both feet.After two weeks of taking the Turmeric,I have no more pain or stiffness in these areas,but I do have pain in my left knee,due to the bone on bone arthritis.I am so glad the stiffness is gone, in my knees.That’s half the battle,anyway.

  38. This study did not mention that black pepper increases absorbtion of tumeric, increases its effectiveness by 2000. I use tumeric everyday. It does not mention tumeric help in the insulin production, aids in digestion thereby. Tumeric reduces pain, clears the heart, my doctor took a look at my heart and said he never saw a heart so clearly, but years before my heart wasn’t pumping right, taking tumeric helped to reverse my diabetes, I no longer take insulin, combined with my diet and fasting. Tumeric improved my overall health, memory, and knee pain.

  39. Since significant # of medical professionals, for years see Turmeric benefits for #s of serious human medical conditions, albeit in small #s, & since science based studies on animal indicate a significant positive outcome & since Turmeric is so low cost & has far less side effects than prescription medicines, exactly why has there not been a truly ‘large scale’ serious science based study by a highly respected medical organization, and/or combination of those organizations, on the positive affects on brain health, joint health, & other serious medical conditions!!! Let’s put this question to rest, & do something positive w/ a positive study results, or with significant negative results & put the question aside & move on! Surely, government & private medical funding agencies could see this as a no-brainer, high benefit vs. low cost ratio study alternative vs 1,000s of other high cost lower outcome benefit scientific medical studies over the last 100s years!!

  40. I have used Turmeric 1500 mg w/biopurine
    Which is pepper helps to absorb easier and faster. I took it without biopurine first and it hurt my stomach. I read it needed to have the pepper in it. So I started that and I have no bad side effects now at all. I also take ginger with it at well. It helps me so much with inflammation and pain and my gut digestion is a lot better as well. We all react differently to meds or supplements but as for me I will continue to take these two because they help me tremendously!!

  41. My mom takes 1 capsule of turmeric spring valley brand from Walmart each day and her arthritis pain in the knees is gone. 80% pain gone in a week, 99% gone in 2 weeks.

  42. I believe that the reason clinical trials are not being conducted is due to the lack of economic benefits for pharmaceutical companies regarding curcumin formulations.

    Regarding the opinion that the effectiveness of turmeric is “unscientific” in alternative treatments due to the absence of clinical research, I find it unfair.

  43. I am a 56 year old female and I have had 18 back, 2neck,1 wrist and 1 SI Joint Surgery..I have No Gallbladder. I am stage 4 CKD. I hurt all the time 😪. I stay nauseated and vomiting everytime I try to eat. I might have a week out of the month that I don’t vomiting daily. Also I can’t eat more than 4 bites of food at a meal due to a bad Gastric Bypass 20 years ago.I am Always tired. But, I weight 175lb 5’2 a lot of my weightis excessive skin. Will this help with PAIN,VOMITING, and WEIGHT LOSS? PLEASE HELP. I JUST WANT TO BE ABLE TO HAVE A LIFE WITH

  44. I use turmeric oil on painful hands (think start of arthritis) and the pain goes. I’ve suffered from coschinditis (inflammation in chest) and had to take ibuprofen consistently which caused other problems, if I stop taking turmeric supplements this returns so I’d say they definitely help with a doubt, all my inflammation began with the menopause. I’d say it’s articles like this that don’t help, putting people off taking supplements that may well help them reduce pain. Go on other reviews and give it a try, if it doesn’t work, nothing list but a few pounds.

  45. Contact a company called USANA Health Sciences and go to their labs and studies and see what your opinion may then be. USANA is listed on the NYSE. David

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