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A Better Way to Find Out About Alzheimer’s Clinical Research

By | May 14th, 2024

We've launched the Being Patient Trials Update. Are you subscribed?

It upsets me that billions of dollars are spent on drug trials, yet a relatively small amount of money is spent on educating the people who may very well want to participate in this research about how trials work, what the experience is like, and what the benefits and risks may be.

Drug companies fall short when it comes to investing in educating patients and caregivers, and Being Patient is on a mission to fill this gap — because we know that without these trials, there are no new drugs for dementia, but we also know that the best decision anyone can make for themselves or when caring for a person with dementia is an informed and educated one.

As 2024 is well underway, we thought that it would be helpful to add to our agenda a quarterly update on the current clinical trials that are going on, so you, our community, can keep track of the latest developments in Alzheimer’s and dementia drugs and treatments.

The Being Patient Trials Update is a free, subscription-only newsletter service covering the latest Alzheimer’s and dementia clinical research news and milestones, and helping to bring readers into the fold on how clinical trials work, what the clinical trials participant experience is like, and what the benefits and risks may be of participating in various types of trials for dementia research, from observational trials to drug trials.

Every quarter, subscribers get an update about the latest studies and trials that are recruiting — and most importantly, which piece of the puzzle all of the dementia drugs being tested are trying to solve, whether it be a prevention vaccine or a disease-modifying therapy. It’s full of links to relevant reporting we’ve done, making it easy to dig deeper into the approaches you want to learn more about.

Subscribe to our free, quarterly dispatch on dementia clinical trials

We just sent out the first installment last week — and we’re getting wonderful feedback so far. (Keep it coming.) If you haven’t already done so, you can subscribe to the quarterly Being Patient Trials Update here. The next send will be in July, but we’ll also be sending timely special announcements as they come, and in the meantime, we’ll send you a link to the first installment — so you can catch up on anything you missed.


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